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What is the value of longevity economy in Italy?


Million Seniors
stand for 23% of
the Italian population


of the Italian GDP
is the value of Silver economy
in terms of income


Billion euros
is the estimated value
of the Silvers’ population

Click here to read the entire Silver Economy Network Observatory report on Istat data, 2022

In 2050 the Silvers will represent
35,1% of the Italian population
vs 19,7% of the EU average

What's Agevity?

AGEVITY is the first Italian platform gathering business companies, bodies, institutions & individuals sharing a common vision for the development of the longevity economy in Italy, by means of life quality & innovation policies, projects, actions and services.

Created with the aim of encouraging the development of alliances and common projects between businesses, as well as to promote the supply chain at a domestic and international level, Agevity is a flagship project of SEN – Silver Economy Network, the first Italian network with a potential catchment area of +150,000 companies engaged in developing innovative solutions and services for longennials.

The SEN network was founded in 2019 under the aegis of Assolombarda, an association member of Confindustria that represents about 7,000 companies, domestic and international, operating within a wide market range.

Why Participate?

Join the Forum to:


Enhance Italian expertise worldwide and encourage dialogue between the stakeholders of the longevity economy to share needs, opportunities and best practices


Promote exchange between different generations on products, services, experiences and collaborative projects aimed at creating value for a sustainable future


Encourage the development of public-private policies and projects for the enhancement, promotion and protection of today’s and tomorrow’s longevity, in Italy as well as all around the world

Longevity scenarios

Both the Italian and European populations are living longer; such a demographic revolution implies and requires a cultural twist to support a progressive increase in life expectancy as well as in life quality

The evolution of such a demographic scenario conveys important implications at governmental, business and social level, with a clear impact on social and health systems, labor markets and public finance

Along with career path evolution and lifelong learning, generational transition and multi-generation work dynamics will increase in importance for both the workforce and the companies challenging innovation and competition at global level

The growth of the longennials’ segment stands for a true business opportunity: new targets to be offered with new, innovative products & services focusing on the ultimate value of experiential marketing drivers